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When families struggle to get enough to eat, they are often struggling to meet other basic needs as well — including housing, education, employment and more. Marque Empowerment Academy Inc.  helps provide meals to people in need through a network of food banks and corporate support and the contributions and assistance of individuals alike.

Together WE can create a "world" where NO ONE goes to bed hungry!

Marque Empowerment Academy Inc. exists to end hunger. We are committed to providing, nourishing meals every day to impoverished children and families in and around the Atlanta area.

Each night in the U.S., 17.4 million families go to bed hungry.

An additional 6.9 million families experience very low food security. That means they don't always know where their next meal is coming from.

Marque Empowerment Academy Inc. helps cure hunger daily by providing nutritious meals to anyone in need.

“Hungry” is NO way to spend a childhood!