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Marque Empowerment Academy

"Conceive. Believe. Achieve"

donate to build “our” communities and future generations.


Eating well is more than just having enough food on your plate; it’s also about having a good mix of nutrient-dense food.


Education is our top priority. Find out how can you contribute.

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Entrepreneurial Training

We believe in a comprehensive approach to training adolescents and adults to transition from disenfranchisement to self sufficiency.

Decent Shelter

About 15% of all homeless people are considered “chronically homeless.

EVERY child around the world should be allowed the opportunity to manifest their FULL Potential

We believe that when people are willing help those who are less fortunate, ultimately entire communities prosper. We can not do it alone. Therefore, it is ABSOLUTELY imperative that we partner with corporate citizens, community leaders and individuals like you to make a change!

People hunger for opportunity, starve for resources, and have been stripped of value. These injustices keep us up at night.

The world is hungry, but the emptiness goes far beyond the table.

Recent Causes

Your donations are an IMPORTANT part of our budget and allows us to have a MAJOR impact on the communities we serve. EVERY contribution is SIGNIFICANT

and your contribution



Donate to "nourish" those in need so that "our" communities are empowered to succeed.

Goal: $30,000

Donate to improve academic success and to promote self sufficiency.

Goal: $35,000

Donate to help provide stable housing and decent shelter.

Goal: $35,000
Our Plan

To Empower “our” communities by providing Nutrition, Education, Entrepreneurial Training and Decent Shelter. All donations will go towards these concerns.

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth"

~ Muhammad Ali ~

Support Our Cause

Donate to Our Cause and Together We WILL Impact Our Community!